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Portrait Series: The Bus Drivers at Vanadzor  

These men were pure fun and living examples of how joy should be found in whatever situation you are in. From the moment I got to Vanadzor bus station at 10am to the moment our shared taxi left at 11:15am, they cracked jokes and profanely expressed themselves (of course only in the presence of men). The laughter did not stop even though the pavement was wet and muddy puddles abounded the station. The temperature was almost freezing and it was by no means comfortable. 

One man approached me and made sure that I put my camera to use, which was hanging over my neck. Plus, they asked that I display their pictures on Facebook, not knowing that I’d gladly do it for them. In fact, here it is. A full on exposé. 

These men taught me that I should seek joy in moments where it might seem impossible to. Their jokes were borderline offensive, which showed that their level of friendship and respect surpassed the grotesque nature of making fun of each other. I laughed a lot and glad I got to meet some locals from Vanadzor. 

Thanks guys. 

As part of my 30 day meditation and course in Buddhism at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal, I have decided to give voice to the people who have come into my life during this journey, as well as, the lesson they’ve left behind with our interaction. Since I am not permitted the use of technology during these thirty days of silence, I have accompanied their portraits with a brief story. 

Read more about the Silent Meditation at Kopan Monastery by clicking here

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