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Portrait Series: Adría

Our paths crossed over social media and we decided to meet at the Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument and Museum, Tsitsernakaberd. I immediately volunteered to share my knowledge of my ancestors with Adría. 

Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument

We walked through Vernisage, had Armenian coffee and suddenly it was decided that I’d tag along on his trip up to the north of the country, to the Lori region. We visited monasteries, had our vodka shots, dinner and called it an early night. The next day our good bye was fast, but the lessons have been seeping in slowly. In my earlier post you can see more of our adventure. 

Adría reminded me how much I love education and teaching. He is a teacher himself and working in an international school in Berlin, I admired his passion for travel, discovering new places and trusting a complete stranger to join him alongside after 4 hours of meeting. To place trust in a person using one’s intuition is not something that one can easily do. He taught me how to trust better and to let go of expectations of interactions. Although he said I inspired him to lead a life he wanted to; but, he reminded me that I need to continue living my own truth and not anyone else’s and continue what I have strived to do. 

Thank You Adría. 

As part of my 30 day meditation and course in Buddhism at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal, I have decided to give voice to the people who have come into my life during this journey, as well as, the lesson they’ve left behind with our interaction. Since I am not permitted the use of technology during these thirty days of silence, I have accompanied their portraits with a brief story. 

Read more about the Silent Meditation at Kopan Monastery by clicking here

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