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Three Hard Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

My previous visits to Armenia then a quick visit to Dubai wasn’t exactly an easy transition to Kathmandu. For a westerner who has travelled to many impoverished areas before, I have a sense of what kind of perspective shift is necessary when arriving to a new city, however there are just some levels of poverty that have not been easy to witness.

Kathmandu is a loud, crowded capital city. Motorcycles and cars seem to be driving over people, and the hustle and bustle is non stop. A bit nervous today, of course, for my 30 day retreat to the mountains, I  was working through various emotions. Today, though, that changed as soon as I accepted some of the things that brought me dissatisfaction and I decided to go to Boudhanath and Pashupatina, instead of staying in the popular area of Thamel, where I’ve been staying. Here is my day in pictures:

Taxi Driver to Boudhanath
Contrasts at Stupa Boudhanath
Sadhu walking barefoot
In silence

When I noticed him, it was the perfect photograph (see portrait as main picture). I built the courage to ask for his picture, but we communicated in thumbs up. He agreed.

Astrologer in Pashupatina
I asked him if the Mala beads I bought were legit. He said yes
Monkeys in Pashupatina
Garden of Dreams
Garden of Dreams Flower Design

I have to say, the day was enriching and powerful, and am happy I took the decision to get up and leave Thamel. Happy and excited to start my month of silence and learning. It was what I needed.

2 thoughts on “Three Hard Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. Beautiful photographs. I will miss you while you are “away” but am very happy knowing the inner journey you are about to begin. xo


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