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Where to find the best coffee and croissant in Yerevan city? 

The key to inspiration and finding the best croissants accompanied with aromatic and delicious coffee is patience and serendipity, it seems like, on my trip. It’s not a secret that I’m a coffee snob and a croissant aficionado. However, I had given up the search and had surrendered to Armenian coffee, which I’m not a big fan of, but had accepted as my fate for two weeks.  



Just like I came across the hidden gem, Nomad, a few weeks ago in Barcelona, I found an auspiciously French inspired cafe on Amiryan Street early morning on a Thursday. In fact, it is my second and last Thursday in Yerevan, a bit late of a discovery, but better late than never. 

The setting lends itself to long hours of sitting and working, enjoying conversations or plainly reading a book over delicious pastries.

Individual cut selection of French and Armenian pastry

Shamelessly, I ordered two different chocolatey  croissants. Both delicious, but the one recommended by Noro, the friendly and smiley barista, who revealed his secret of how he made the most delicious Americano I’ve had thus far, was outstanding. You should look for him and ask him, which one is his favorite and surely you’ll be in for a treat. 

Selection of croissants

I was a bit excited that I did not have easy access to croissants in Yerevan, but was I wrong. Perfectly crispy on the outside and soft inside, the chocolate was decadent and rich. 


Of course, a perfect pain au chocolat requires coffee on the side. When I asked Noro how he prepared the coffee (of which I helped myself to two servings), he said that he always uses freshly ground beans and once he places the portafilter in the machine, he ritualistically waits 3-4 seconds. This, he believes helps the aroma settle in, which he then follows by pressing the dispense switch. 

Noro Tovmasyan

As I continue to enjoy listening to the beautiful French music and staring out the window out to Amiryan and Koghbatsi streets, I notice the cafe art even on the street pipes through the large windows in the private side of the cafe, which makes it seem like one is sitting outside and people watching.

The art belongs to a 19 year old employee here, Gayane, who has her work displayed all over the restaurant and even the to go cups. 

If you are in Yerevan, do not forget to come and be impressed with the ambience of Louis Charden Cafe and Bakery. You can  either take a load off from the day or plainly help kickstart your day. Or do as I did, just settle for the morning and hang out. 


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