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The Imperfect, Fragile Lives Not Portrayed on Social Media 

I love having conversations with my friend and Ashtanga teacher about social media and yoga. Her recent response to the Huffington Post article titled “The Instagram Star Got Real About How Social Media Can Be” was great and motivated me to continue the conversation. The article is about Essena O’Neill, Instagram celebrity, who deletes account, reveals truth.

Essena O’Neill on Social Media and Instagram

I wanted to take the opportunity to mention that for the past 18 months, I’ve actively been working very hard to confront my own feelings and practice self compassion with the practice of yoga, which involves mindfulness and reflection. Even though social media becomes an avenue for self validation, as well as, marketing and promotion for many out there, it can not be argued that the picture perfect lifestyles are exactly that, picture perfect. 

Ellina Kim mentions that: 

most people don’t know the meaning of self-love so we look for it externally instead of healing the wounds internally. Getting “Real” about social media is getting real about our inability to love ourselves unconditionally. Most of us run away from our feelings, seek for love and approval from our partners/friends and from social media, when the answer is to learn how to be intimate with our true Self, the inner child Self.

Although my photo portrayal on Instagram is evidence of two passions I hold dearly, yoga and travel, I would never want anyone to have the false illusion that my life is perfect. 


@PackYourMat on Instagram
In fact, it is imperfect and through lots of sacrifices of various resources(time, money, relationships), I choose to lead my life the way I’ve set my intention to. However, through the imperfections I seek to find beauty and meaning. That message I hope is relayed more so, as inspiration and motivation, for others.  

Remember, that as human beings we are all fragile and the internal turmoil exists in us all. However, the way we let it manage our mind and life, is what makes the world of difference. Self-reflection and awareness in all respects, especially of the role and influence through social media, should be number one priority for celebrities and life-stylists. 

In a related post titled 5 Truths Behind Those Yoga Photos on Instagram, I mention more critique and value. Check it out by clicking here

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