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Where to eat the most delicious Dolma in Yerevan? 

I’m afraid that upon reading this, my mother and my aunts will, for the cardinal sin I’m about to commit, Armenian guilt trip me for an indefinite period of time and possibly never cook Dolma for me again. 

But….here it goes: 

Today I had the best Dolma of my 32 years as a spoiled, previously fat, well-fed Armenian boy. 

Dolma (stuffed vegetables or grape leaves) is a delicacy in the Caucus region and Greece, as well as, the Middle East. 

The Dolma dish was our penultimate one and we had already savoured three dishes: Goat Cheese and Tomatoe, Çiğ köfte  (Turkish raw beef with bulgur), Ishli kofte, trout carpaccio. 

Goat Cheese
Trout Carpaccio with Pomegranete


Ishli kofte (Minched beef wrapped in bulgur )

We thought we were full and satisfied until my friend and I had the pleasure of sharing six reasonably sized, meaty, spicy Dolmas with homemade yoghurt. That’s not all, the foodies that we are, we had heard that the lamb shank was not to be missed, so we had to order that hot dish as well. Everything was truly exquisite and truly differed in its unique approach to finding compared to most restaurants in Yerevan. 


Even though all dishes were sensually appetizing and uniquely flavored, I strongly urge you to not miss out on the Turkish specialty Chi Kofte wrapped in grape leaves and the Dolma. 


Chi Kofte and Tomatoe with Goat Cheese
The process of Dolma wrapping is tedious, but the amount of love put into it (and quality, fatty minced beef) always results in a delicious dish regardless of the venue. I was hoping to interview the chef, who was unfortunately not on site to see how his Dolma differs from others. But I’ll let you be the judge when you go for a splurge meal in Yerevan.

See menu and prices here

The downside is that this meal is not for the budget traveler, but can still be frequented for one of your meals in the lovely city of Yerevan. Figures such as Paulo Coehlo, Kanye West, Hillary Clinton and Francois Holland have had a meal here. Luckily, we went at an awkward hour between lunch and dinner, on a Monday, to truly enjoy the flavors rather than deal with the tables full of bankers and politicians. It was a no frill dining experience with a wonderful waitress and great company. The Apricot cognacs on the house really was the icing on the cake. 


So, crossing my fingers that I don’t offend my Armenian matriarchs, I can say that this was the best I’ve had. Make sure you frequent the restaurant. If you’re Armenian, don’t be a fool and don’t tell your mother that you found the best Dolma in town. 

Dolmama Restaurant (Since 1998)

10 Pushkin St.
If you want to learn how to make this dish at home check out this you tube tutorial

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