8 Reasons Why You (Don’t) Want To Travel With a Blogger

As bloggers we do get used to taking photos without much help, but the minute we have a friend with us, the task becomes a hundred times easier and just more exciting. Having a good eye and a vision for moments and experiences, our friends can definitely benefit by being our travel companion. Truly though, having assistants is just #somuchbetter. 

However, it is also not easy traveling with a blogger. You all have that friend who makes you wait a few seconds longer at the bar so they can upload that “failed to send” SnapChat, taking advantage of the free wifi or the one who makes you wait to bite into your meal in order to find the perfect angle for the ravioli you ordered in Rome.


Well, on my trip to Norway with two of my patient friends, on a ferry cruising the fjords we brainstormed a list of why you DONT want to travel with your blogger friends. This list is meant to be comedic; but definitely based on many truths. 


  1. You never get to enjoy the small window of perfect natural lighting because they are holding their headstand and making you snap a 100 shots for the “perfect” one. If that’s not enough, and they’re doing their pose on a cliff (see photo below), you might be responsible for their fall and death if you don’t snap in time and they lose balance.  
    Cliffstanding – Headstanding in Preikestolen
  2. When you’re hungover AF (because that happens on trips), your yoga blogger friend insists that you do twists to detox the next morning then gives you a Thai massage (all you want to do is have another beer).  
  3.  S/he is always  making you work on vacation (like contributing to this blog post and making you take  “lifestyle” photos). For example, dressing up in a flannel shirt to “chop” wood so we can use our Finnish Sauna. There was plenty of wood already chopped for us to use (True Story).  
    …or makes you take cabin lifestyle shots
  4. Pays photography fee with a Namaste and obligatory yoga (see #2).
  5. In the same sentence he wants you to “be here now” and asks you to Snapchat this.  
  6. How many times you’re convinced that this is going to “go viral”. Haven’t seen it happen yet. 
    no really guys, this is going viral
  7. They start using your camera and phone, because their battery died again.
  8. #OurConversationsAlwaysIncludeAHashtag

Blog Post Contributions: Tiffany Emerick and Shena Kieval


One thought on “8 Reasons Why You (Don’t) Want To Travel With a Blogger

  1. Lol! So funny and so true. My family and friends know that if I’m out and about I am snapping pics for all my social media feeds and future blog posts. “Yes, this is my business!” Great article and you’ll be going viral very soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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