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Where to find the best croissant in Barcelona? 

As I impatiently type this with my sticky fingers as the flavors linger on my tastebuds, I’m certain I’ve found the best croissant in the city of Barcelona. Having lived here for six years I have tried mediocre croissants and wasted precious calories on them. Today, as I tried this place for the second time, without any hesitation I recommend Hoffman Pastisserie to anyone who is willing to have their minds blown away. 

Hofmann is a culinary school, which has now branched into a Bakery and Restaurant as well. These gems can be found on the following street in the Borne district of  Barcelona. 

I would go around opening time to get the freshest selection, as well as, your choice. 

I’ve only tried three so far and have a Mascarpone one saved for later today, which im saving as a birthday cake for my friend. 



However, I have tried the cinnamon roll and it was my least favorite, but definitely not one I would negate. It’s just the napolitano (pain de chocolate) and the almond (marzipan) was to die for. 

Marzipan definitely gets 1st place for me. 


Marzipan (she didnt photograph well) – Diva
Again, I’ve probably have tried almond(marzipan) and chocolate croissants in Buenos Aires, Paris, Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles and BCN gets the win. 
I also think cross sections of croissants are important and the fluff and texture is super important. I’m biased towards these two because they’re my favorite ones so far, but please do try the 15+ varieties they have for you. 
the right amount of chocolate
So, as I try not to gain the weight I’m maintaining with my overall healthy eating habits and daily yoga, I hope you go for the caloric splurge when you are here. If you try a different flavor, please let me know. I’m going to try to give myself a break for a little bit, maybe 5 days. 

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