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Listen to that Gut (especially during Mercury Retrograde)

Recently, I’ve had multiple moments where I’ve told myself “damn it, Armen, you should’ve listened closer to your intuition”. Just yesterday, I had planned a photo shoot at a very difficult place to get to in BCN. Something, at the start of the day told me that it is not the right day for this. My body was aching, my head was all cloudy (but the sky wasn’t in the morning). I convinced myself that IT was the best day for it, because I had already committed and so had my ride and photographer, my ex. So I got in a cab and went over to get on the moto around sunset (when the clouds started rolling in) 

I even snapchatted it being a bad idea

As soon as I did, it started raining. Before we headed out, I told him again, let’s not do this, it doesn’t feel right. He convinced me that it should be fine and I agreed. When else would I get a chance to go. Finally, mid way there, it started to torrentially rain in Barcelona. Don’t F*** with nature, folks. 


So we parked, found a bar that was open and couldn’t leave for about 2 hours. Now, it was a great moment to reflect and chat together. At the end of the day, it was still worthwhile to get over my rain anxiety and let it all go, but Im convinced I should’ve listened to my gut. Now, I guess this was the reason for how the night ended up and I’m sure there was a lesson, but I wonder if listening to my gut would have served me better. 


Now this is more important than ever, especially during Mercury Retrograde. Recently, I read a fun blog on Mercury retrograde. Whether you are a “believer” in what is an astrological shit show, these are some things that can go wrong (quoting blog above):

You might find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all, being unable to finish sentences or barely even able to form a coherent thought. Your computer and other electronic equipment is more likely to go on the fritz. You could experience travel delays, too. Double-check your flights and take a book with you to keep you occupied while you wait for the train! We don’t tend to get all the information we need at this time, so it can be hard to make big decisions and it’s not always the best time to sign a contract, either.

Gala also suggests ways to survive it, so I strongly urge you to read it. But in any case, as it ends tomorrow, and this post might come as late notice, consider yourself warned for the next one, which luckily does not happen until 2016. This was the third and last one of the year.

If you think about it, nature does not think, it just does. It moves forward with a natural progression and fixes errors through how it knows best (naturally).  Human beings do think and sometimes we make faultier decisions than we ever should especially when we don’t follow the natural course and our intuition. When we are in touch with our intuitive side and can use logical reasoning to balance our decisions and actions, we tend to make our most worthwhile and meaningful contributions. Trust your gut. If you feel that something is not right, act on that feeling 

And remember, as of October 9th, Mercury will no longer be in retrograde until January 6, 2016. 

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