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Anchored on the Mediterranean

The past six days on the magical island of Ibiza and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea around Formentera on a boat was just what the doctor ordered. With all that was going on last year, I hadn’t been able to let my mind go and just be with zero plans, no worries and open to joyful moments all around. 
The business of being busy while home in LA took its toll on me. I had fallen into the routine of waking up, having my coffee, driving to work, working, shutting off the computer, going to my evening yoga class or training, going home, having dinner, sleeping and repeating. 

Now, this is our western capitalistic reality and I have no qualms with this sort of routine (but, a little). In fact, I’m a strong believer of creating healthy sustainable habits through rituals. But let’s admit how wonderful it is when we’re not victims of our overwhelming schedules and can just be. The sheer fact of listening to my body and sleeping every moment I get tells me how tired I truly was (or it’s still my jet lag).  

Just being able to set anchor on our boat and swim to land for delicious lemonade local gin cocktails, a Formentera specialty was lovely. To jump off a boat after morning meditation or whenever a minor discomfort from the burning Mediterranean sun was felt, was pure bliss. 


When I packed for Ibiza and my boat trip on a tiny beautiful boat, I knew that I would have to sacrifice at least 6 days of my physical yoga practice. In fact, I didn’t pack my mat.  I knew that I’d probably let my hair down and have more drinks than usual and eat things that I like without much thought. The anchor that I navigated my personal ship with, my body,during my disciplined yoga training has been pulled up and I have let the ship go astray this week. This morning, I almost felt guilty for it then told myself not to be too harsh with myself.  

On our second night while sailing around Formentera island, we were in search of a spot to anchor down our boat and sleep for the night. Due to an approaching storm, we had to get to the harbor just to be on the safe side. I was of course upset a bit not to wake up in the middle of the sea with the sunrise gleaming on the water as I took long morning breaths, without the need for coffee, as the freshness of the air, equally served as my wake up drug. The fact that nature changed the course of our plan was ironic because we had set our plans in stone, but that was not a part of her plan. 
I too, had planned to keep my daily physical and meditation practice going, regardless of location and day. However, I realized that my anchor had to be flexible. I had to pull it back and let things go and enjoy the moment with my friends and the environment that surrounded me. It was quite easy getting into a meditative practice with the serene beauty of the landscape, but the fact of the matter was I was out of my routine and even though my meditation practice suffered less so, I truly felt the difficulty of my sun salutations today. 

I was however reflecting on a thought as I stared at this boat (pictured) for a good 15 minutes and took pictures of it. While we wait for the storm to arrive, we have to be ready to put our anchor down and be strong and grounded. When the storm is over, we hope to survive it and come out stronger. Now, metaphorically speaking I guess the hedonistic life of Ibiza can be compared to the storm or the fact that I deviated from my ritualistic practice, but I truly feel a few days of skipped practice can also make also make my body stronger. Rest is key too, right? 

Definitely didn’t feel it so strong this morning, but I am awaiting my next adventure as I meet my mentor and friend Ducky Punch in Ireland to practice yoga at her retreat on a private island – Heir Island at the end of this week. 
But for today, I will shake off the week poolside, take rest and take in all the beauty of last week. It’s truly been a beautiful six days. 


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