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One Night In Ibiza

Ibiza is not known to be the magical island for no reason. Yes, it has earned it’s reputation as the party capital of the world, but fortunately there is more to that common stereotype. Yesterday, many signs pointed us towards a restaurant called Sushiya Aoyama.

 What was so special about this restaurant was not solely the fresh caught Tuna Tataki that was served to us with love from our lovely server Alberto, but the owner’s passion and vision for this establishment. From the brief encounter we had with Elena, she mentioned how she met his partner, the chef of the establishment Hideki Aoyama, in Ibiza while he was visiting from Japan.

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Upon moving here the idea bloomed to open up a sushi joint. As Hideki was trying to find the perfect rice, Elena wanted to get the establishment going and ready for business, excited for what was to become a successful small business. 

She talked about the beautiful differences in their styles complimenting each other and finally bring this restaurant to fruition. 

It made me think about the beauty of human relationships and how balance is created with different personalities and styles.

Alberto, our 23 year old, but highly grounded mature server, was super great and recommended and joined us for some post work drinks at Bar 22 on Carrer de la Virgen. Enjoying a really long sleep in, this morning we yet again met another beautiful soul called Eva Genin who packed up her stuff and moved to Ibiza about a year and a half ago. She manages the Croissant Show’s social media page and other projects. According to Lonely Planet,

Opposite the food market, this is where everyone goes for an impressive range of pastries, gourmet salads and post-partying breakfast goodies. It is quite a scene all on its own. Grab a table on the people-watching terrace.

Eva told us about the magic of this island and once again breaking the stereotypes of the party that it is well famed for. In just a short 24 hours, with only one night in Ibiza  so far, I am so happy to say that the beauty in humanity has been solidified. Not only did I get to enjoy the best almond croissant out of France (because the owner himself is, I believe, French), but we truly established powerful social connections. The power of social media relationships is huge these days. In fact, being on this trip with a David, who I actually met when I was 19 years old over social media, is in Ibiza with me. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.26.55 PM

Next time you come to Ibiza, make sure you go to the Sushi joint in a quiet hidden Plaça de sa Drassaneta, 13, 07800 and croissant show in the not so quiet Plaça de la Constitution. Highly recommend it. 

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