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Palo Alto Market: Not in California Anymore

I know I wasn’t on the west coast anymore when I woke up to children playing in the plaza, while their parents were nursing their Sunday morning hangovers with cafe con leche and or cerveza. The vendors were slowly setting up the not so comfortable metallic chairs and tables for a sunny day of drinking and tapas in beautiful Barcelona. 

Squinting my eyes, trying to open them up post jetlag sleep and walking into the living room of my friend’s apartment, I realized I was in Spain (and it felt so good). 


After my leisurely morning breakfast, we went to Palo Alto and I’m not talking about the one in Silicon Valley.  Luckily, I made it to this awesome design market, filled with artsy souls and delicious food trucks. It only happens once a month and this one was the one before last this season. 


According to their website Palo Alto Market is a popular and sophisticated street market in Barcelona in the middle of the city, which brings together artistic talent and lunch trucks for the seasoned or unseasoned foodie, to cater to all five senses. 

From Thai food to a truck dedicated solely to pork by these two at La Porcheta,  

we spent the afternoon lingering around the Moritz station, having 2€ beers and once in a while entering the Funk club for some music and dance. This way I didn’t feel too bad for not going out till 7am on my first night. 


Anywho, if you missed this months Palo Alto, check out the last one of the season on October 3rd and 4th.  If you’re planning a trip to BCN, I highly recommend planning around Oct 3rd and not missing out on this unique event. 

Schedule: 11am-9pm
Price: 2€. 

This was truly a great reintegration back to the city I called home for six years.  I couldn’t think of a better way to go to an event which incorporated food, drinks, leisure, music and art. So happy to be back briefly in this city. 


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