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That Which Does Not Serve You, Let Go!

Are you one who easily claims that they live baggage and drama free?

Do you think you’ve cleared and do not surround yourself with negative energy?

Do you have a relationship (human or material) that no longer serves you?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, that’s fantastic. However, for many it’s quite difficult to accept and admit to oneself that “I actually do live with baggage” or “there is that one source of negative energy”, especially if those sources have at one point in your life served you quite well. Admitting to oneself of the thing(s) which no longer serve us, is possibly the most frightening and confrontational things. Then there is a grand majority of us who have consciously and with awareness thought about these questions and can not really pin point those things that do not serve us any longer; but, the awareness of the fact puts us one step close on that path to discovery.

Very recently, I had to detach from a relationship that was actually serving me quite well, my job.  It provided me with security, in the form of income and benefits. Moreover, it helped establish great human connections and it was my source of self-maintenance. In fact, it moved me along in my maturation of skills I needed in the field of education and management. Overall, it was an organization which supported my growth and learning, paid the bills and served me. On a recent post about fear and doubt, I discussed how these two feelings usually hold us back from our grander purpose and passion.

This past weekend was one of the most frightening weekends I’ve had in a long time as I put in my resignation notice at work. The fear of no longer having a stable source of income and questioning the actions I’ve taken, I put myself in a state of shock and anxiety. With grand changes in life, these are natural reactions to loss. It is our human condition to attach ourselves to things and really become consumed in the daily habit of those things.  Being fully aware of those emotions that come along with giving up and surrendering to an unknown future,  I worked extra hard to be attuned with the emotions that arose. I slowly worked through detaching from these illusionary emotions, and finally bring myself to the state of accepting that I had let go of something which no longer served me in the larger scope of things.

So the questions one might be asking is:

Well, this relationship actually served you (quite well). Why did you let go of it?

In fact, it did (and quite well). However, the grander purpose and passion I live my life with and want to continue to live with, did not equate with staying in my secure position. Once I detached from the fear and skepticism and my mind’s eagerness to go into the dark abyss of doubt, I can proudly admit that I sit with myself content and open to the journey ahead and of what is to come.

That which do not serve us do not necessarily have to be negative energy or “bad” for us. In fact, we should not place judgement of the external factors that make it self-serving or damaging. We should be introspective and look within our own selves and ego, if we are living a life with relationships and interactions that actually serve us for our grander purpose.

So, I invite you start thinking about and pinpointing what those things are that no longer serve you (for your grander purpose).  This journey is a process and it is not overnight. One of the first articles I wrote about surrendering and finding comfort in discomfort, during my time of depression was the start to accepting some of those non serving relationships and beginning to let go. I can not fully accept that I am there, but always on that path to recognizing what no longer serves me.

6 thoughts on “That Which Does Not Serve You, Let Go!

  1. Your blog is very inspiring. Thanks for stopping by mine. As a yoga enthusiast who is just starting, I’m finding motivation here as well, thanks!

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