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5 Conclusions on Fear and Doubt Over Morning Coffee with Mama

In conversation with my mother this morning regarding my recent decisions, the topic of fear, which in turn causes and cultivates a state of doubt and uncertainty came up. Living in fear is a human condition as security is one of our highest needs as a living being. However, it is quite easy to fall into a trap of living in comfort and not moving towards discomfort, which can in fact help personal growth. 

She was questioning how come I made a decision to place myself in another 4 months of discomfort, when finally I accomplished my 200hr certification, which took a lot of my time and energy the last 6 months. She brought to my attention that I could have finally been in a place of concentrating all my efforts on work, blogging and my personal practice of yoga.

She is absolutely right! Life would’ve been cake. 

Fast forwarding our 15 minute conversation over deliciously brewed Costa Rican Peet’s Coffee (you gotta try this one) these are our conclusions:

1. Fear is cultivated as part of ones socialization. If one grows up in an environment where risk-taking and courageous acts aren’t a norm, then chances of moving through life towards what we feel passionate over, is probably not going to be achieved.

2. Live life with passion. Do what brings you joy (and earns you a living). However, be true to yourself and the life you lead. You only have one and who knows when it will end.

3. Do what you’re doing with passion, not questioning the end results or attaching to expectations of what will become. Be in the moment and shower yourself with the small joys of accomplishment that arise as you’re doing what you’re doing. What is meant to be will be, as long as persistence and passion are into play.

4. Doubt and uncertainty are all feelings that normally arise from fear. Detach yourself from the illusionary feeling and remember that attaching yourself to it, will only cultivate fear and bring you to deeper levels of stagnation.


In all, so grateful to have such a strong support of family and friends as I go through this endeavor. This past weekend of many hours of yoga brought up lots of emotions of fear. Each time I had to breathe myself out of it and focus on what is. It’s scary, but it sure damn is exciting.

3 thoughts on “5 Conclusions on Fear and Doubt Over Morning Coffee with Mama

  1. Hi Armen Bear. This is my favourite post by you so far. Probably because of how much I value honest conversation between parent and child, especially the mom variety. Shout out to Seda! I am very proud of you. I’ve known you so closely and long enough to feel honest respect for your journey, especially now that it’s come to this point. You are one of my favourite human beings: intelligence, perseverance, flaws, triumphs, loyalty, reflection, fails and recoups, but perhaps what I love most about you, when you remember to dig in, is your self-awareness. As long as you keep being real, I will continue being a devoted friend and fan. Love you longtime love, xoxo.

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