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Inspiration Generation Getaway: What you missed?

In Santa Monica today, yogis came together to learn and teach together. Many were involved backstage to make this happen, of course, but big shout outs to Briohny + Dice-Iida Klein and Ali Owens who managed to bring great teachers from across the nation, but most especially those students who really look up to them and are inspired by those behind the 3×6 screen. 


Laura Sykora and I
Social media has such power over the minds and souls, it is quite important to humanize and maneuver it ethically and responsibly.

The mission of this day as listed on the IG Getaway website:

If a single moment can change your life just think of the impact an entire week can make – a week dedicated to yoga with the top teachers in our global community and in one of the most beautiful, health-conscious cities on the map. We believe that yoga has the power to transform the way you think, feel, and live your life, and that in the midst of this chaotic world, you can live a stress-free life full of love, joy, and purpose. We believe that your health isn’t simply a personal matter; it affects not only you but the lives of everyone around you 

Yoga has definitely affected my well being and the relationships I’ve formed and maintained. That is what has resonated with me the most as I carried on through the day from 9am till the evening, especially with two great friends who I’ve met during my reentry to the LA Yoga world about a year ago.  My intention was to meet and network with many people. However, as human nature dictates, we navigate towards the relationships that feel comfortable and stable. 

  Arielle Miller, or the girl with purple hair, joined me in Dylan Werner’s handstandalicious 2 hour flow. 

Ellina, my Ashtanga teacher, who was able to take a 2 hour break from her retail booth, Maitri Yoga Store, joined me in AcroYoga.

AcroYoga is something I’ve been trying to toy with the past year and it was so great to be able to share that my teacher. It was such an intimate experience, where I am grateful I was able to share with a person who has given me so much knowledge and wisdom. This practice tends to bring people closer and even though I was sad that she did not get to practice this with her partner, I was secretly (not so anymore) happy that she shared her acro experience with me.

During the short breaks, it was great to meet other vendors and share smiles and words. Super lucky to have stumbled upon Honu Yoga, where I got this awesome shirt. I can’t wait to get my custom made hot pink “Savasana is my fave” for men.

Although I’m super exhausted physically, excitement for Day 2 is somewhere in their in my subconscious. Looking forward to learning and playing a bit more. At the end of the day my reflections were as follows, as I was having a hard time going through the day with my shoulder injury. I was a bit sad at first that I had to highly modify my practice, but in that I was also able to slow down and observe other people’s practices. Instead of letting my ego dictate my practice, I really sat with the idea that my practice has come a really long way and I am super proud of it. Trying something new was probably great. 

  Even though I could not go as the “flier” in Acro Yoga with YogaBeyond teachers Claudine and Honza Lafond, serving as a “base” to Ellina and then learning thai massage techniques and getting some relaxing massage was what my body really needed.

  Learn one new thing every day. That’s what I have for you today. Maitri Yoga Store’s official hashtag is #growyourpractice. Growing and evolution, that’s what my main intention is, every single day.

By the way if you were wondering where that beautiful Mala Bead bracelet from the front cover picture check out IG @openheartwarrior


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