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Are you ordinary?

So are you? Ordinary, I mean. I definitely am not.

During the past year of self realization and relationship building with wonderful souls who’ve crossed my path, lots of learning has taken place. I am forever grateful for all the sour experiences (or those which appeared to be at the time), as well as, the positive ones that came my way.

Relationships come in various forms. Whether they are human relationships or ones that involve things, we tend to fall into patterns of behavior, or habits, with said relationship. As those habits become cycles, we realize that life without them “appear impossible”.  Human relationships being multifaceted in nature and more complicated, tend to take a toll on us. When those relationships are healthy, the positive gains are endless. When negative, the life force tends to be sucked out of us without much realization when in the present.

When I got out of my long term relationship of 7 years, trusting and opening my heart seemed to be an impossible task. When I had those moments of permitting myself to let go and become vulnerable, surrendering to what may become, the experiences were filled with lessons. At the time, they appeared to be unfruitful, when in fact they were masked as unforgettable life truths being revealed.

One of the best lessons in self value and self love came with one specific interaction I had earlier this year. This said individual, upon a few fantastic interactions and positive vibes, had come to the realization that I was not the ordinary guy. I valued his certainty and confidence in knowing what he wanted and realizing that I wasn’t it. Upon trying to explain to me what the matter was and to only summarize what was a lengthy explanation on his end, was that “I was just not your ordinary guy”.  I guess I knew that, but it was still hurtful to hear that. Out of all the things that were said to me, which also included but were not limited to my some flaws as a human being, it really made me think about that statement about me being unordinary. I try not to attach to my flaws too much, as we are all human and filled with many. But, the fact of the matter was that I had been rejected and my ego was toyed with. Thankfully and fortunately so.

He was absolutely right.  I am NOT ordinary. I am extraordinary and I am meant to be extraordinary. That is my essence and it is what composes ME. I am not willing to negotiate those terms with anyone really.  Having come to terms with my not so ordinary self, I feel more empowered than ever before.

You decide…Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary? I choose the latter.

Next time when faced with uncertainty about your sense of self, pay special attention to your relationships. Let them help you unravel and reveal who you truly are. 

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