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Grounded Feet, Grounded Mind

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

In an article I read in Yoga Journal,  it is argued that the “veneration of the foot reflects its importance as the foundation of the temple of the body.”  After learning about the importance of “working from the ground up”  (i.e. the feet) in yoga asana practice, I have been highly consciousness of the relationship of my foot with the earth. The post continues to argue that “the practice of yoga postures can transform our relationship with our feet. Practicing barefoot, we develop greater feel for the ground below. As we become more intimate with our feet, they also become stronger and more mobile. Most yoga students can testify that their feet grow in length over the course of a sustained practice. When we begin yoga, we have little idea how confined and restrained our feet have been over the years.”

Grounded on my Manduka Mat

I am always reminded, on and off my Manduka mat, to keep my feet grounded. Metaphorically speaking, grounded feet is also a grounded mind. The foot being the foundational body part in any standing pose, it helps by being aware of the four corners and creating a balanced posture before any standing asana series.


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