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Part II: How To Stay Anchored During Rocky Times ? 

As I left the question quite vague and open in Part I of this post, the answers I got through snapchat and other venues were quite fascinating, interesting and some very humorous. Kino MacGregor (Instagram @kinoyoga) also chimed in on my snapchat, which was super exciting, right as I was posting my evening Instagram Post of the #backtobackbends challenge during my Yoga Teacher Training.

Even though the answer to this question is really open to interpretation and each person’s experience will guide the response to it, common things did come up. Family, faith, love, favorite activities, solitude were common denominators of what keeps us grounded. Here are a few responses from Snappers, in images:

IMG_8514This is an outstanding technique and if you haven’t read the post on 12 office meditations, now is probably the time. Breathing consciously always gets me to make better decisions. A friend also mentioned how she “lays on the floor.”


Sometimes a little R&R with Wine or Champagne, why not?

IMG_8520I’d have to agree on all of the above, but sleep I’ve found really cures a lot of uncertainties and doubts. Sometimes I just force myself to sleep to not have to make a rash decision, which might lead to regret or remorse.

IMG_8516 Then we had the multiple humorous ones, but I did not find it surprising that numerous people referenced wine and drinking in general as something to keep oneself grounded.  I wouldn’t contest that a good stiff drink makes our issues disappear momentarily, but with any habit, the cyclical and detrimental long-term effects should be considered.  I am the last person to place a judgement on this behavior and the above words are only to raise awareness and consciousness of any bad habit we may have formed. Recently, I have been more conscious about my wine and coffee drinking. It can also be simple habits, which don’t serve us that need to be reconsidered.

So, finally one in which I’m becoming a strong proponent of is the daily practice. The practice does not need to be a one hour asana drill. In fact, a moment to become reflective through meditation and/or yoga is really a way that I am finding that I stay anchored during rocky times. Thank you Kino for chiming in and encapsulating how a daily practice can really make you better in touch with yourself and the higher power that guides us (whoever or whatever that might mean for you)


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