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3 Secluded Beaches in Mykonos: Finding Peace Amongst The Debauchery

Writing is a creative process and I didn’t really buy into that until I started blogging. I do realize that when inspiration strikes, the writing flows seamlessly. Last night at dinner, talking to my cousin and her fiancé about their upcoming honeymoon to Mykonos, the thought of one of my favourite Cycladic destination remained in my subconscious. As I was thinking about my #TravelTuesday Instagram post, I thought about Greece. Going through my friend’s IG page, I realized he had a beautiful photo of the beach by old town Mykonos. As I published my instapost, I reflected on the two times I went to Mykonos. The first time was as a confused 21 year old, backpacking for the first time through Europe, during the Summer Olympics in 2004. The second time I went as a married man. Both experiences were strikingly different. The first was fully occupied with partying and the beaches, while the second one was….well, you can infer. Thinking about whether or not Mykonos would be a nice place to find solitude, especially because of it’s reputation as a party island, I imagined there are secluded, beautiful areas where one can find peace and meditation.

With this thought and my personal curiosity, I provide you with the top three places to find some peace in this beautifully blue, vibrant island of Mykonos. Clearly, you should take some time to also revel in the debauchery (if that’s what floats your boat).

Agia Anna
Agia Anna


A small hidden beach, only a few minutes walk from Kalafatis beach and takes its name after the tiny chapel of St.Anna where locals enter to light a candle. It is an alternative to the crowded southern beaches, rather protected from the strong winds and offering a slice of real fishermen’s life, as one can find traditional fish tavernas, local fishermen’s houses and even a boat launch for their fishing boats on the left part of the beach.

Lia Beach
Lia Beach


A small, quite undeveloped, peaceful beach, Lia is a beach with sand, pebbles and rocks to lie on and is extremely popular with Greeks and locals. Lia is quite far away from Mykonos town, after the village of Ano Mera, and can be reached only by car or motorbike -as there is no bus service- which is probably what keeps it so paradisiacal.


One of the most remote beaches of the island, Agios Sostis has been able to save itself from over-development and remains today an unspoiled, clothes-optional heaven. If you want shade, make sure you bring your own beach umbrella, as there are no umbrellas or sun beds for rent. Access is limited, as there is no bus service available.

Agios Sistos
Agios Sistos

Take the road beyond Panormos Beach (the road is bumpy and rough), leave your car on the road and walk down the hill (parking space is limited). to the small church of Agios Sostis (Saint Sostis, patron and savior of all sailors) giving its name to this area.

One thing is certain. Whatever you do in Mykonos, whether that’s meditating, eating, or dancing your vacation away,  the energy of that magical island will capture your heart and mind. You will surely return time after time. I am impatiently waiting for my return.

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