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Why my initial morning reaction to SCOTUS was one of cynicism? 

Equality may be prescribed by law, but shifting hearts and minds is a grander battle. Congrats to the US for providing the foundation for change. 

To be quite frank and honest my immediate morning reaction before coffee was one of cynicism rather than excitement, but that is of course changing by the minute(perhaps seconds). One needs to concentrate on the small steps it takes for change. This means that, although a minority might be resistant to this shift, a larger segment of the nation is ready for progress. 

Hearts and minds are not prone to an easy shift of ideology, but laws that protect citizens is vital in a democracy. Many things might be wrong with the U.S., but today it was proven that there is some light of hope. With that hope, let us celebrate SF Pride and the SCOTUS decision and why not everything under the sun (or shall I say rainbow). 

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