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How to get your yoga fix when travelling or just feeling a bit sluggish at home?

In search of beautiful yoga photography on Instagram, I discovered  Amy Goalen who is based in LA. She had photographed Noah (Instagram: beast.yoga)from BlackSwanYoga.tv, amongst many other yogis. Upon some digging around, I realized that Noah, photographed below, is one of the teachers on this online TV channel.

Instagram: @beast.yoga

Upon checking out what Black Swan is all about, I found outstanding teachers offering multiple level classes at varying duration, for a very affordable price. I’m hoping to give them a try during those busy days when I’m unable to make time for the studio. As  much as I’d like to prioritize studio time, we all know how that works sometimes with our urban schedules.

BlackSwanYoga.TV is designed to bring you the Black Swan Yoga class experience whether you are at home or on the road. All classes are iPhone & iPad optimized for quality and ease of use. This lets you take your practice to the park, your office, your friends house, and on vacation without the need for a computer.

It costs $8/ month per channel, which gives you unlimited access of all videos on your teachers’ channel. You can pick which channels you would like to follow and cancel at anytime. Choose more teachers and you only pay for the channels you enjoy most tailoring your Black Swan Yoga TV experience to YOU.

If anyone out there is already giving this site a chance, let us know how it’s going?  Meanwhile, check out some of Amy’s work and go to her website for more beauty:

Instagram: corey_patrick

Instagram: @ryantomkinson

Instagram: @greycomfort

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