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Birthday Post: 32 Years of Breathing, 32 Grateful Affirmations

Maya Angelou is known to have said that “life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away”. Directly contradicting this statement is yogic philosophy claiming that “we are allotted a certain number of breaths per lifetime” and that life is measured by the number of breaths we take (so deeper breaths are suggested). 

Whichever you resonate with, they’re both great messages. Today, I’ll take a little blend of both and share some things I’m grateful for. 


In Hatha Yoga Pradipika it says:

When breath departs, so too does life. Therefore, regulate the breath.

On this 32nd year of breathing, I am grateful for such breath and want to list 32 grateful affirmations that can sometimes be taken for granted: 

1. My mother and father’s Union, which brought me to this wonderful earth. 

2. The limitless support I receive from my close knit family and friends, in LA, Barcelona, NY, SF and other beautiful corners of the world. 

3. The professional and academic opportunities presented to me. 

4. Yoga and the teachers that have come into my life. 

5. Friends and acquaintances who I’ve shared a drink, an adventure or a story with. Even those who have parted ways with 

6. Cultures and their ability to spark my curiosity. 

7. The smell of coffee and the taste of a deliciously fresh brewed cup. 

8. Love in many forms. 

9. The two loves I experienced with its rough patches, but the lifelong friendship that blossomed from them. 

10. A deliciously cooked meal or pastry. 

11. Red wine that pairs well with above. 

12. Sunset views atop a hill. 

13. Any friend who was crazy enough to travel with me and deal with my Gemini swings. 

14. My little sister who was gifted to me 11 yrs ago. 

15. Bodies of water. 

16. Palm trees.

17. Raw fruits and vegetables. 

18. Ability to walk, talk, see, feel, hear. 

19. Music which envokes feeling and emotion. 

20. The art form of dance and the ability to know how to shake it. 

21. Airplanes.

22. A passport which permits to discover almost any corner of the planet.

23. The beauty of the moon.

24. Massages. 

25. Books that captivate me. 

26. Showers and baths and the ability to take them daily. 

27. Joyous moments that fills a room with smiles and laughter. 

28. Comfortable pillows and sheets that permit me to have a high quality sleep. 

29. Technology which helps me stay connected to my human relationships. 

30. Cookies and Cream Ice cream (a food group on its own) or a pistachio gelato. 

31. Inexplicable energy and this universe. 

32. For being granted 32 years of breath and that I am alive and well. 

Namaste and thank you to everyone who is a part of this journey called life. 

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