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The Journey of the 5 Sensual Pleasures at the Holualoa Inn

Three weeks ago what was only an embryo of an idea of retreating for a few days from the city became a quick reality as I found an outstanding escape opportunity with some American Airlines miles to the Big Island of Hawaii. With minimal research, I was lucky enough to find accommodation, which met what I had pictured in my mind all along.  I had visualized the place I would stay and it consisted of lots of nature, located upon a hill, with views of oceanic bliss, a hammock, pool, a spot for yoga and delicious organic produce.

It has not even been 24 hours and the property I am staying on, and it has exceeded my expectations. It is located on the slopes of Mount Hualalai in the heart of the Kona Coffee belt. Holualoa Inn is not just an “accommodation”; it is an extraordinary Hawai’ian experience.

The Big Island bed and breakfast is set among 5,100 coffee trees, rich pasture land and enchanting tropical gardens. At 1,400 feet, sweeping ocean views frame every corner of the Estate. So, not only is this place exceeding my expectations, it is pure bliss and paradise, during a time I needed it most.

The tantalization of the senses is quite an important one for me and I do consider myself a very sensual person. At the Holualoa Inn, the five senses are constantly pleased and satisfied. Here goes the list in the order of which I’ve experienced so far as it relates to each sense:

1. Auditory (hearing) – Entering the property in the dark late last night, the meditative chirping sounds of the the coqui frog, amongst various other critters,  sang the night away as I slept. I was awoken by the property cow and rooster, among other beautifully sounding birds, which I hope to identity in the next few days.

2.Gustatory (taste)- Crystal, the property chef, had not only left us outrageously delicious and addictive coconut macaroons last night, but this morning she cooked us a breakfast my taste buds will never forget. We not only got to taste a sampling of the property tropical fruits from their garden, but then ate some eggs that came straight out of the chicken located right here on the property. The French Toast, smothered in delicious passion fruit sauce and toasted macademia nuts and coconuts was what makes me wonder and impatient for what’s coming tomorrow.

3. Tactile (touch)- Being a shoeless property (which I love), it is great to be able to feel the ground and walk consciously on the four corners of my feet. However, the tactile sense that I can not get over was the softness and cloudiness of the sheets and pillow. I look forward to five nights of sleep here.

4. Olfactory (smell)- Since we are on a coffee plantation, I can not deny that the smell of fresh coffee that is available to us all day long, is what resonates with me most. However, the addition of sporadic tropical rain that releases the exuberant smell of the gardens surrounding us, is what I miss the most. It is such a great escape from the arid Los Angeles drought.

5. Visual (sight) – Every corner you walk on this property, an aesthetic experience awaits me. Whether you are passing by the zen gongs or the buddha statues or looking out at the big blue from 1400 ft. above, my visual sense is on high alert.

I am so grateful and lucky to have all five of my major senses on overdrive at the moment and to be located in this exact moment in this exact space.  This is where I need to be and it is where I am. What I thought was going to be a physical yoga retreat for me has become an experience that I can only put into words, but the subjective experience is just that, subjective and can only be shown through a few pictures (which does no justice at all).


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