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Loss of a Bag

Yesterday, May 24th, was supposed to be a good day.

I woke up.

I made myself to my favorite coffee shop.

Studied anatomy.

Made it to a class with my mentor who put me through some discomforting positions.

Thereafter,  I led a one hour class in a beautiful attic on Sunset Blvd., followed by delicious food and good people. I had exhausted myself, but felt motivated, energized and empowered.  Exhaustion took the win and put me right to sleep for a mid day nap.

Woke up.

Sun was shining bright.

I settled outside facing west waiting to end the week with a restorative practice with the lovely Bobbi.

Dinner with a friend.

I heard a knock on the door and my friend Aram said, “Hey man, is this yours?” He had found my green yoga training binder in the bushes in front of our building. Three hours earlier when I carpooled to the studio with his wife, my back door was ajar and the car was making an unusual sound. Hadn’t thought much of it, but someone had made it into my car between my nap and my 6 o’clock practice and left the rear door ajar on his or her exit.

Items lost: A sunglass case, a special bag, my training notes and a pen.

I wrapped up dinner and walked to see if I can recover the bag. I found the one Starbucks Via Ready Brew, which I kept in case of an emergency, tossed on the culprits way going east off of Finley. I found myself back home without the bag. This said bag was gifted to me by the beautiful ladies of la Vie Boheme Yoga.


Shocked. Violated. Unaffected. No, with a strong feeling of loss. . .

It wasn’t the loss of the bag that made me cathartically cry immediately after. Said cry, continued through my morning meditation on the 25th of May. It was the culmination of losses undealt with. The streaming tears and flashing images of things that once were that are no longer, were eye opening.

The lessons learned within the past 24 hours carry more value than my notes which were taken by a stranger. I have never been one to take good notes, nor do I review them later. I learn by experience, I learn by doing, I learn because I want to.

Yesterday, May 24th, was supposed to be a good day. It ended up being a great day.

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