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Intricately Detailed and Simply Intricate: Morocco

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”393044_10102208238219737_900771398_nIt is difficult to think about Morocco and it’s beautiful cities, without mentioning it’s intricate details and simply intricate design. During my two outstanding trips to this country, the first of which I spent discovering it and the second discovering myself within it, I ultimately fell in love with it’s intricacies in every sense of this word.

582507_10102208238209757_865357308_nIn my previous post Mystical Marrakech and Disorderly Lives, I speak of how the mysticism and it’s disorderliness of the city is so well balanced with the quiet and reflective retreat one can take in this beautiful country. The Moorish / Arabic architectural intricacies especially, help in falling in love and wanting to return to Morocco!


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