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Just Breathe: 12 Office Meditations to Calm You the F Down

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up overwhelmed without even having a sip of your first cup of coffee? Today was that day! These days I have taken on a lot upon myself, in my professional and personal life. Even though I have been able to manage my time effectively (I think), I am starting to get nervous as I begin my yoga teacher training today (ironic much?). The thought of working full-time, yoga training for 20 hrs/biweekly till August, at the same time trying to have a personal life and everything that comes along with staying sane, is daunting. I think about the daily things I have to do and can’t find the time to do them. As I go through my busy list, I also see that this is the norm rather than the exception for urban folks. We tend to pack our schedules tight and do not leave space for leisure and personal life. It’s been nine months since I’ve been back and I can truly say, I had SO MUCH free time while living in Europe. But once again I gently remind myself that “I’m not in Europe anymore”.

So as an urban warrior, I take the time to exercise, eat right, do yoga and take moments to laugh with my friends and family. But sometimes, even all of that becomes a task.  So to counteract all that craziness, I’ve decided to do some meditation at nights and make sure I take a moment to decompress and just breathe while at the office.

In Office Meditation – 12 Meditation Techniques for the Office, Tom Von Deck “offers meditation techniques that can be slipped inconspicuously into your day in short intervals. Just a minute or two of meditation out of each hour can build a profound momentum toward peace of mind in daily life. He suggests trying some of the following exercises during down times at work or just take a break for a minute or two every hour.”

1. The Inner Smile Meditation (My favorite)

Smile :-)
Smile 🙂

2. Breath Meditation (Can do whenever, wherever)

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing

4. Body Scan Meditation (Personally like to do this as my night meditation)

5. Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing Technique (Might need more guidance with this)


6. Calming Visualization (I do this a lot and think about the places I’ve traveled to)

7. Integrating Breath

8. Stretching (I just get up and stretch like there’s no tomorrow with my coworkers around, no shame. I sometimes go into handstand too)


9. Head Rolls and Shoulder Rolls (So important if you’re staring at a screen all day)

10. Chanting  (this might be a little bit more difficult if you’re not alone at the office)

11. Om Meditation (this one can be interesting with people around)


12. Social Meditation

See full descriptions of these meditation techniques on his website and let me know which one you like best. Remember, sometimes those minor anxieties can be relieved with just a few breaths.

Here is the Yoga Nidra I’ve been doing at nights and it’s been working wonders.  Hope these work for you.

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