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Mystical Marrakech and Disorderly Lives


Today was one of those days when I set every intention to get things done, but minuscule challenges came my way and tested my patience. I set my alarm for 6am and did a fine job getting up to get ready to arrive to the office by 7:30am. A few accidents in the house, including the perfectly sized glass entering my kitchen sink hole, and heavy traffic, which I have encountered none of during the past four months, set me off my schedule. Now, all was still well. I still got there early enough to do what I wanted to do. I don’t let these things get to me that easily. At least, not anymore. What is the point of becoming aggravated? The negativity is just going to set the tone for my entire day. So, I was really proud that I got to the office an hour before I usually do to prep for a meeting, when I realized that my laptop was not on it’s dock.  I went straight to my car, it was not there. I soon realized that I had left it at home. I am not in the habit of taking work home, or at the least, not my computer. At that point, I packed up my stuff and decided to come back home and work from home, since the device I counted on, was waiting for me right here, all along. Now, a whole hour was wasted. My positive energy was soon depleting. However, during this entire process, I had become totally nostalgic of a time when I was able to pack up my stuff and book a flight and get to an exotic destination in less than 2 hours. I thought about one of my trips to Marrakesh.

Last year this time, having to face the decision of staying in Barcelona or not, I decided I needed some “me” time to reflect on the pros and cons of living abroad. Now, I’m a guy who likes to make decisions based on my gut instincts (most of the time). This time around, I thought to incorporate a better calculated method as to whether or not I should move myself and my life back to the states.  In search of answers, I looked for yoga retreats in Morocco, but was luckless because of the costs involved. Then it came to me to just pack my mat, book a beautiful room, take my iPad, download YogaGlo videos and go to Marrakech. I had already been down to Morocco once and had told myself that I would return.  My first flight search yielded great results during my February break. The universe was providing me with all the signs as to why I should go. The most evident sign was the 80 euro round trip ticket I found on http://www.vueling.com. So, I booked one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve stayed in called the Amber Room at Riad Khadija Spa.

Enjoying Moroccan tea in the Indoor Courtyard

Now, my whole goal was to go to Marrakech, do a morning and evening yoga session, savour the food and culture and just think. I did just that. What I had not planned on was the beautifully carved Moroccan ceiling in my room. Every time I was in an asana (yoga pose) that had me on my back, my eyes gazed towards the ceiling and it couldn’t have been more perfect. After every session when I opened the windows of my eyes from savasana, it was like being in an heavenly chamber, which was hand crafted especially for me.

Looking up to the heavens
Looking up to the heavens

Marrakech was truly the city I needed to be in for the purposes I had gone for. It lend itself to reflection and quiet within the walls of a riad, which is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Surprisingly though, I returned back to Barcelona telling myself that I will not give up the luxury of being able to travel so easily. My logical decision was to stay. In fact, in mid February of 2014, I had made the decision to not leave Barcelona.

Now, as I reflect on this morning and the decision making process from a year ago, I concluded that planning and the search for perfection can only take us so far. We are constantly told that organizational systems and goals, help us make meaning of our life and the work we are involved in. Is that all that is necessary to make sense of the disorderly life that we lead? If the universe was perfectly designed with order, wouldn’t our lives be free of the entropy?  So, this morning when my plans went array, I made the gut decision to calmly drive back home, sit down and concentrate on the work I needed to do. I made a creative plan and got a lot done. Things panned out just fine. The anxiety was unnecessary. About a year ago this time, I decided that I’m staying in Barcelona. It seemed to be the perfect decision. But, look at that. I am not in Barcelona. I am here in Los Angeles. Amigos, things don’t always present themselves in the manner in which we want or need. So hang tight, let things wiggle into their respective spaces. Plan, organize, be systematic, sure! But also be flexible and receptive to change and to things not going the way you want them to. Ultimately, we are not always the captains of our spaceship. Or, are we?  Thoughts are welcomed.

Streets of Marrakech
Streets of Marrakech

6 thoughts on “Mystical Marrakech and Disorderly Lives

  1. I think that sometimes when things go array or do not unfold the way we intended is the universe sending us a gift. Though not obvious at the time, hindsight is the greatest teacher. Besides, had you not made the decision to come back to LA your journey would have looked so different. You would have never found ODD and we would have never met. We would have never been able to create and hold space for one another and discuss sharing our love of teaching AND soon co-teach and share something magical with kids. I am glad you came back. You are so dear to my heart :*)

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