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I know nothing

Final Day in Rio De Janeiro
Final Day in Rio De Janeiro

As I start this journey, inspired by my recent trip to Rio De Janeiro and the revelations that followed, I am not going to pretend I know everything about yoga, travel and human relationships. In fact, as I told my high school students year after year when I taught in Barcelona, we “know” absolutely nothing. In epistemology (no, that is not some fatal disease), the philosophy that deals with the acquisition of knowledge, one comes to the conclusion that we come close to what we think is absolute truth and knowledge, but not quite reaching that limit. Think back to your high school trigonometry or calculus class and that annoying graph where the limit would go to infinity, but never really touch that horizontal line.

As I start this blog, I am going to assume and I want you to assume that all that I say or suggest, is not absolute knowledge. Take it with a grain of salt and utilize it how it applies to you best. Yes, sure I have a fancy masters degree from Columbia University, which I resent monthly when I’m paying my loan for it and will be the next 20 years.  Yes, I have travelled to more than 100 cities (now I sound pretentious) and have developed a travel savviness Columbus would have died for. I’ve also attempted to experience human relations deeply and consciously, whether it was an interaction with a student or my partner. With all this, I can not and will not claim absolute knowledge about the topics I will touch. I wish I had order in my life (or with this blog). There is so much information and a story so long, churning in my mind, that the blog will serve as the place where this disorder will hopefully bring order and organization to the story. I will try my best to provide a chronological reference (nerdy history teacher talk), but the themes that come out and not the linear pattern, is what should be of essence.

So readers, friends, yogis, travelers, foodies, (insert your desired label here), I invite your comments, your thoughts, your insights, your revelations and reflections. Being an educator at heart and mind, I’m a strong believer of reflection and feedback. I am not threatened by exposing my weaknesses. I am human and I am fragile. It is through the trials and tribulations that my growth and evolution occurs.

Namaste Bitches,


8 thoughts on “I know nothing

  1. You remind me of my favorite teacher who taught through being real with his students, and was hilariously entertaining while doing it. Your honesty is refreshing and makes me look forward to the stories that you post in the future! Keep ’em coming!!

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